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We are a Berlin-based artist collective and design studio since 2014, working on transmedia projects in mixed realities at the intersections of art, science, technology and models of perception.

In 2015 we developed the Augmented Reality App Refrakt in collaboration with Michael Schröder and have been working together with him ever since. In a digital society, where technology increasingly starts to shape our perception and behaviour in everyday life, our work focuses on the nature of the medium itself.

The digital space is ubiquitous, yet invisible to the naked human eye. Refrakt is a virtual museum revealing this increa­singly relevant part of our daily lives and social interactions. By crossing the boundaries of physical space, various objects of all kinds of media play with the viewer’s perception of parallel realities. The device being used becomes an apparatus for this new world and lets the viewer interact with his immediate surroundings. While scanning real-­life objects, he will perceive alternate realities in a virtual space.

By scanning selected images, digital artworks become visible and the original pieces get transformed in virtual reality. Refrakt is a blueprint for future museum models which position non-physical works of art in physical space. The app transforms reality, revea­ling the omnipresent digital space that surrounds us in everday life. May it be as an intervention in a classical museum in transforming paintings into something comple­tely new or as a comment on current political mischiefs.

The capabilities of these new forms of communication are nearly infinite. The project is applicable in various ways. Augmented reality provides many opportunities and communication forms that are new in a museum context but work as a great addition to exhibited artworks.

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Refrakt is available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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Born in 1988 in Vienna, Alexander Govoni studied visual communication at New Design University in Austria and Berlin University of the Arts finishing his studies with a Master of the Arts in 2013. Working as a designer eversince, in 2015 he completed the Meisterschüler programme at University of the Arts Berlin in collaboration with Carla Streckwall. Carla was born in Berlin in 1987 and studied visual communication at Berlin University of the Arts and the Cooper Union, New York. Carla has been working as designer and artist since 2008 and as teaching assistant professor at Burg Giebichenstein from 2015–2017.

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